Create more effective future consumer strategies
Via our consultancy, reports and workshops

Position your company to take better advantage of new consumer behaviours.
Identify future customer needs and determine effective ways to satisfy them.
Innovate smarter than current competitors, and anticipate potential new ones.
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We offer a variety of future-proofing services

We’ve run profitable:
Management strategy workshops for BBC, Telefonica & Sainsbury’s
Innovation seminars for Diageo, Siemens, Hachette & Budweiser
Trend auditing for BBC, BSkyB, Hiscox, Aga, AOL & Nat West

We’ve written practical:
Strategic white papers for HSBC, Telefonica, AOL, BBH, MTV & OMD
Regular trend reports for Barclays, Siemens, Virgin Radio & Y&R
Analysis of client research for Thomas Cook, Hearst & Stansted Airport
Next Big Thing

We’ve conducted future-facing:
Primary trends research for RBS, Universal, John Wiley, Interflora & Aga
Secondary trends research for MTV, AOL, SAB Miller, Tate & Lyle & News UK
PR-based trends research for HSBC, Standard Life, Aga & Thomas Cook
Next Big Thing

Companies that have benefited from Next Big Thing’s insights

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“They really understand what is happening around us & how a business needs to adapt.”
Chad Wollen,
Director of Insight, Foresight and Innovation,
AOL Europe
“William helped us to understand new consumer trends & make appropriate strategic decisions.”
Natalie Malevsky,
Head of Insights,
Telefonica (02)
Universal Music
“Their research for us has contributed to many successful marketing campaigns.”
Brian Berg,
Managing Director (TV),
Universal Music

To ensure the validity of our analysis, we take a scientific approach to consumer trends


To identify evolving consumer attitudes and behaviours, we use a unique combination of research methodologies:
We mix quantitative and qualitative, statistical and anecdotal, observational and deductive, primary and secondary.
Consumer behaviour is influenced by – and manifests across – a wide range of different sectors and environments.
The data we collect reflects that: stats-based government reports to depth interviews and even best-seller lists.
We interrogate our research data to best predict how attitudes, behaviours, needs and motives are likely to change.
We use a unique combination of analytical methodologies: psychological and semiotic, sociological and economic.
The analysis drives insights we share with our clients, to help them create more effective strategies and boost profits.
We offer a range of insight deliverables: white papers, presentations, one-to-ones, innovation workshops and seminars.