Data, advice, inspiration and support
To help you create smarter strategies

Learn how to position your company to take advantage of changing consumers.
Anticipate future customer needs and determine effective ways to satisfy them.
Click to identify new product and process opportunities to drive future growth.
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We tailor our services to client’s specific needs

Workshops to inspire team innovation
Insight-led environments actively designed to identify effective new strategies.
Answer strategic questions, discover product, process and sales opportunities.
Inspire innovation – and ensure input and buy-in across all key stakeholders.

Reports to inform strategic decisions
Obtain impartial, experience-based insights on trends that interest you.
Discover their likely direction, growth, market impact and implications:
Understand the potential positive and negative impacts on your company.
Next Big Thing

Consultancy to guide and support campaigns
Obtain practical help identifying and actioning future-proof strategic solutions.
Get practical answers to future-focused product, process and sales questions.
Discover specific opportunities to take advantage of – and the threats to avoid.
Next Big Thing

Companies that have profited from Next Big Thing’s insights

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“They really understand what is happening around us & how a business needs to adapt.”
Chad Wollen,
Director of Insight, Foresight and Innovation,
AOL Europe
“Will helped us to understand new consumer trends & make appropriate strategic decisions.”
Natalie Malevsky,
Head of Insights,
Telefonica (02)
Universal Music
“Their research for us has contributed to many successful marketing campaigns.”
Brian Berg,
Managing Director (TV),
Universal Music

To ensure the validity of our analysis, we take a scientific approach to consumer trends


Consumer behaviour is influenced by – and manifests across – a wide range of different sectors and environments:
The data we collect reflects this, from white papers and government reports to depth interviews and best-seller lists.
To identify evolving consumer attitudes and behaviours, we use a unique combination of research methodologies:
A tested mix of quantitative and qualitative; statistical, deductive and observational; primary and secondary research.
Our analysis is designed specifically to identify those insights that will help clients create more effective strategies.
We consider potential outcomes and implications for client, client industry, competitors and commercial environs.
We use a unique combination of analytical methodologies – psychological and semiotic, sociological and economic –
To effectively predict the ways in which consumer attitudes, behaviours, needs and motives are most likely to change.