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Will identifies what tomorrow’s customers are likely to think, do and need.
He explores the most effective ways to anticipate, target and appeal to them:
How to take advantage of future opportunities and avoid impending threats.

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Will speaks at a wide range of national and international conferences.
His opinions are sought by varied business, news and lifestyle media.
He speaks with authority on Retail, Leisure, Finance, Lifestyle and HR futures.

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Will has written for The Economist, Adweek, Viewpoint and New Statesman.
He authors regular trends columns in The Director (IOD) and Huffington Post.
He wrote ‘The Next Big Thing: Forecasting Consumer Trends for Profit’:
The definitive consumer strategist’s handbook, translated into four languages.

Companies that have profited from Will’s insights

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“Will’s presentations give great food for thought. They stimulate immediate ideas & inspire future discussions.”
Charlie Gower,
Head of Insight & Research,
Hiscox Group

“Will’s insights are a highly effective way to stay up to date with changing consumer attitudes and behaviours.”
Adrian Fitch,
Head of Brand Insight,
Bauer Media
“Will’s informative insights on future customer behaviours balance breadth & practicality, providing something for all.”
Michael Lee,
Global Managing Director,

Will’s most popular keynotes

We are living in turbulent times: no industries today are immune from change.
But change can offer profitable opportunities as well as dangerous threats.

This talk will help you adapt your strategies to the new consumer trends heading your way:
1. Understand the importance of innovation to performance, longevity, brand and infrastructure.
2. Learn about the biggest emerging consumer trends and the threats and opportunities they pose.
3. Discover how to utilise them to create appealing new products, services and marketing campaigns.

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Aware of their new power, consumers seek greater control over the purchase and consumption journey.
And they’re developing a new set of consumption attitudes, expectations and behaviours accordingly.

This talk will help you anticipate and appeal to tomorrow’s new ‘Smart Consumer’:
1. Discover what will motivate your customers in future and how best to reach them.
2. Learn how to create products, services and strategies with ‘future appeal’.
3. Gain actionable insights to implement into marketing, communications and strategy.

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Attitudes to work environments, schedules, hierarchies and rewards are shifting radically – especially among the young.
New technology is driving employee empowerment, and reducing the impact of traditional ways to attract and retain staff.

This talk will provide practical insights into understanding, hiring and motivating the new ‘smart employee’.
1. Better comprehend the future wants, needs and drivers of your workforce
2. Obtain a practical roadmap to improved employee motivation and efficiency
3. Discover how to future-proof your hiring, retention and rewards policy.

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